Since the clay tile has gained more momentum among those who are looking for a durable roof and love the look that comes with getting a tile roof much has happened. You can get the same style of roof in concrete, making the competition between these two materials a big deal with questions being asked which one is better. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages, so let us look at a few of them.

The clay tile is considered a more energy-efficient material and according to a specialist will become darker in shade over time and lose its energy efficiency. It is said that concrete tends to procure faster and that is an advantage.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles will last probably about 50 years if maintained properly while clay tiles can last twice as long, making them the more durable solution for longevity. This means that clay overall may be the best option and clay tiles have some lovely colors to choose from.

It may surprise you to know that concrete tiles are now more popular than clay tiles and both come in a variety of styles with these four being the most used: These styles are considered the most popular and they are Spanish style, mission Style, interlocking shingle style, and French style. The best tiles according to professionals are the ones that interlock into each other.

If you ask me based on the research done both types of tiles are worth the money. It all boils down to preference, I mean I would obviously prefer a tile that can outlast my lifetime but for some people, it’s more about appearance than anything else. Some people build a house spend maybe ten-twenty years in it and leave for another location. So it really all comes down to what each person or family prefers. Of course, having a roofer to help make the decision is important as well. See our featured roofer Roofer Toledo OH.